Newcastle’s Best Performer In The First 5 Matches: IMO

The start to the 18/19 season has possibly the hardest run of fixtures in Newcastle United’s history of competing in the Premier League. We have already played against four of the best clubs in England and despite the losses from all them matches, there have been some standout performances from certain individuals who have had moments of singular excellence or moments of effective team contributions.

In my opinion, DeAndre Yedlin has been Newcastle’s best performer in the five matches. 

Only missing one match this season because of an injury he picked up while playing against Spurs, thankfully Yedlin made a speedy recovery and rejoined the first team for the Chelsea match which was important because my trust in Manquillo to defend against Eden Hazard and Marcos Alonso for 90 minutes doesn’t fill me with confidence.

DeAndre’s main duties is of course to protect the goalkeeper with his three defensive colleagues, but his athleticism makes him than a defender, what he has done well this season is defend but also attack. In his 4 appearances in the PL, DeAndre has played a total of 360 minutes. From these 360 minutes we have seen great individual moments which have contributed to 2 of Newcastle’s 4 goals this season, 1 assist against Chelsea (a cross in the box to Joselu) and 1 goal against Manchester City (from a 30 yard + sprint in 3 seconds into the City box).

I haven’t forgotten about the own goal that he conceded moments after his excellent assist, the thing is with this is, if Yedlin didn’t make the effort to intercept then Alonso’s pass would’ve just went straight to Ross Barkley, he was unlucky, these things happen to all players and I don’t feel that has an effect on the overall performance from his 4 matches because of his reaction after. I have a lot of respect because of the disappointment that was written all over Yedlin’s face. yedlin on an ill one

Yedlin is a grafter, he has been the best player for this season so far because of his work rate and creativity has benefited Newcastle on more than one occasion.

I know people will disagree, so who do you think has been Newcastle’s best performer during the difficult start of the season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. 

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