Newcastle United V Manchester United: The Best Moments In the Premier League (with video clips)

All matches that have been chosen are from a football fans opinion, enjoy.

This is a historic rivalry between two football clubs that were competing at the highest level long before the birth of the Premier League.

In the 90’s these two clubs were both on a mission with the same objective = to win league titles, but Manchester United had the edge over Newcastle. Newcastle were determined to win the Premier League but Manchester United always were one step ahead.

The 90’s saw Keegan’s “entertainers” team come close to winning the PL as the toon had two consecutive 2nd place finishes.

Clips contain the following: Geordie legends scoring, heated moments in game and disgusting finishes from Alan Shearer.

20th October 1996

The season after Newcastle lost out on the FA Carling Premier League title to Manchester United, the magpies were looking to hurt Manchester United after they won the league title and to say the least, Keegan’s team did not hold back on their revenge!

12th February 2000

Ruud Gullit who had a mixed time as Newcastle manager had the responsibility to motivate his players to achieve a first League win in six Premier League meetings, goals from Alan Shearer and Duncan Ferguson make Manchester United look silly!

12th January 2016

The last on the list is one of the better matches of the current decade, this match had goals, goals, and more goals! two penalties and a 90th minute scorcher from a local lad which rescued Newcastle a point and his name is, Paul Dummett.

What were your favourite moments?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box!

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