Mike Ashley rumoured to be in the US to finalise Newcastle sale.

Mike Ashley finds himself in the news again this week, this time he is reportedly in the US finalising a deal with which would finally see the end of his backwards ownership. However, whether this is actually true remains unknown. But for the future of Newcastle United and the hopes of being Premier League regulars again, I hope there is truth to these reports. According to the Chronicle, the Sun and Daily Mirror: A bid of £350.000.000 has been submitted by a US investor who is rumoured to be the former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon. There were reports going back to September this year that Kenyon has been planning to make a considerable offer for Newcastle United and he has been in contact with Mike Ashley several times. 
Peter Kenyon
This could suggest that Mike Ashley is pushing for the sale of Newcastle sooner rather than later which would make sense as this year he has shown little to no interest and optimism with improving Newcastle United’s facilities and purchasing new players. But instead has invested heavy into expanding on his retail empire by saving  Evan cycles from pre-administration and his biggest investment this year = £90.000.000 into House of Fraser. With uncertainties in whether Ashley will be supplying Rafa with the much needed transfer funds this January as well as uncertainties in Rafa signing a contract extension, many fans such as myself would be happy to see Ashley sell and take his executives with him so Newcastle United can finally proceed with the fresh start that has been needed for eleven years. What do you think of these rumours? Will Ashley finally sell or is this another trick to manipulate us fans? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box or on social media.  Follow thefootballreporter on social media – Twitter: thefootballrep3 / Facebook: thefootballreporterNUFC

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