Newcastle United Vs. Cardiff City: Match Preview.

We need to make the very foundations shake today Geordies!

So…. Geordies… Today is a MUST win game! In every sense of the word! Make no mistake if we CAN’T beat this team today, at home, with 52,000 screaming and passionate Geordies making the heavens shake with the roar of support! Then we deserve to be thrust out of this division faster than a mackem diving on his last cheesy chip that falls to the floor on a friday night! Let’s go out there and give 110% and show Rafa and everyone with a black and white heart that we ARE THE GEORDIES! Support needs to be at an absolute maximum today lads, make the stadium quake from the shouts and the encouragement early on, lets not get on the lads’ back’s and let’s make this place a fortress once again! YES it is worrying that CARDIFF are rumoured to be about to smash our transfer record and sign a big CF from france in Sala for a very begrudging £18million! And have loaned in Oumar Niasse the tricky yet misfiring Senegalese. We have lost 8 games at home people, this is the highest in all four tiers in the football league pyramid (Yes even worse than that lot!) We have beaten Cardiff 10 out of our 11 last meetings only failing last time out in August so let’s give these a bloody good seeing to and make sure they leave with nothing except a nice little kick back down where they belong to be, in the bottom 3 in our stead!

Potential Line-Up for today


So this is the line-up I would LOVE to see today! We saw Jamaal limp around for a straight 9 uncomfortable minutes the other night V. Blackburn (Next time hook him after seconds Rafa lad, don’t let him do that again!) We saw knocks to Clark and Schar, and Kennedy unable to even make the subs bench due to…. a toenail… yes fellow 30+ old lads and lasses now is the time for the BACK IN MY DAY quotes! But supposedly they are all ok, only Shelvey and Dummett are ruled out officially. So the likes of Diame and such are all due back. But I thought Schar got about abit in that DM role and even hit a couple of decent strikes! Longstaff is riding the crest of a very exciting wave so should keep his place for me. We could see for the first time, in my opinion our strongest 2 centre halves actually start together! Which is a massive coup for us! Now I DON’T want to see us revert to this 5 at the back against this lot! We need to get at that and get at them fast from the off! If we go a couple of goals ahead then crack on and drop Schar back into the back for this to happen but please Rafa, ONLY once we have taken the lead and comfortable!!! I would also love to see young Cal Roberts get a place on the bench instead of the hopeless Jacob Murphy who I am totally past now to be honest, £12million.. let that sink in.

Howay the lads!


So no sitting on the fence here today! We as I said earlier NEED to get at these early. Where these can hurt us is if the support goes sour if we don’t hit the ground running and with their set pieces and direct football. Sol Bamba is one the of the largest men ever so we need to supply the front line with low, driven ammunition where he is less likely to dominate as he is an absolute tank in the air! But let’s have them here! Let’s use our pace out wide, Rondon’s hold up ability, Ayo’s quick feet and good runs, OUR set plays! Beside what Paul Merson says (And was wrong with every point he made much like Rio, it’s almost like the mainstream media just say wrong things about the toon and hate for no reason… weird) Rafa has done a hell of a lot more than Neil Warnock has ever done and much much more besides! And as for thanking Mike Ashley for a single second on ANY decision he has made since darkening our doorways with his absolute trash management of our beloved club… Give your weird head a massive wobble Rio Ferdinand you absolute scumbag. Enough said though and enough attention given to those absolute weapons.

I say we win and we win well here today. A 2 goal deficit either way is what I am going for but I am stuck on either 2-0 or 3-1. I will go 2-0 because I don’t think they have the quality really to hurt us today and I am hoping that win the other night has given us a new lease of life and we batter these Welsh so and so’s today!!! HOWAY THE TOON!!!!

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