Mark “Gibson” Blackford

I’m Mark “Gibson” Blackford (Long story) and been a Toon fan all my life (ignore the photo on insta of me in an arsenal shirt as a kid, dad was a cockney… Wanker, long gone!) Big lad, passionate, opinionated Geordie who wants nothing more than to see his beloved Magpies living the high life LIKE when he was a kid! Sick of the club’s current regime. Also a ball player myself, Love playing in goal or I can just as easy bag one in the top bins and run off Deein’ a Shearer! I also give FIFA/Pro Evolution soccer lessons on PS4 if anyone thinks there good enough, my handle is – Mgibson9. To summing me up I am a 6″4, loud and passionate Geordie who just loves all things Newcastle. Will write opinions, stats and always want to have banter back and don’t mind a good debate. But I will be right… Obviously (Don’t tell wor lass I said that.) Cheers lads and lasses! TOON TOON BLACK AND WHITE ARMYYYYY!